International Quality Systems 

       All of our suppliers are certified by international quality standards, 

            minimum quality certificate is ISO 9001 /VDA, QS, TS/ 

       References about the delivery of significant, well-know customers 

       Each new supplier is audited by our company 

       All suppliers are subjected to SES evaluation - “Supplier Evaluation System“

       Sampling in line with PPAP level /bearing comapnies INA.FAG,SKF../

       Positive analysis results of quality evaluation of delivered samples 

       Regular re – audits minimum once a year 

       We maintain the management quality system to be actual and effective and 

            we improve the system according to requirements from our customers and also according to

            our own needs.

       In all processes and activites we realize the constant improvement strategy in order to

            improve the quality and commodity value and also provided services for our customers 

 Chemical Analysis     – (Spectrometer)

 Metal Spectroscope   – (Bench Type & HandiScope)

 Physical  Testing       – (Impact Testing  & UTS)

 Metallurgical Testing – (Olympus Metallurgical,                                             Microscope with,Image                                           Analyzer,                                                              InsituMetallographic,rument).